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Fairs Calendar 2018

Fairs Calendar 2018

We are very pleased to announce our calendar for the 2º semester of 2018:

  PremiéreVision New York
 17th and 18th of July
  London Textile Fair 
 18th and 19th of July
  Munich Fabric Start
 4th to 6th of September
  PremiéreVision Paris
 19th to 21th of September
  JITAC European Textile Fair
 16th to 18th of October

Spring/Summer 2019 - Nonsense Theme

Spring/Summer 2019 - Nonsense Theme

"Our Nonsense theme take us to another reality where our eyes try to deceive us.

The yarns are rustic and of different textures.

Classic checks and vichy´s with thicker yarns, moulinés, and melanges.

For a sustainable solution with minimal eco-footprint we introduce in this theme and eco-friendly viscose fiber, EcoVero trademark made from wood, a natural and renewable raw material.

White bases merge with earth tones and pastels creating a transparent effect without being it.

The colour palette crosses through blues, dry greens, beige and rust."

Spring/Summer 2019 - Ilusions Theme

Spring/Summer 2019 - Ilusions Theme

" Ilusions is the theme dedicated to Delavés yarns.

The luminosity of the whites in contrasting with shades of blues making us remember the ocean and the blue sky.

Warp stripes, madras, and classic checks.

Thicker yarns for a stitching effect, moulinés and nep´s.

The colour base is white coloured with blue, red, turquoise touches and taupe."

Spring/Summer 2019 - Colourful Food Theme

Spring/Summer 2019 - Colourful Food Theme

" Colourful food is a typical summer theme where living colours are blended with flavours of fresh fruit.

The display of this theme drive us to a funny and colourful environment with small dobby´s,  weft stripes, madras and neps.

Bases with silk blendes improve touch and feel. 

The colour palette runs through white, blue, yellow, red and green."

Newsletter nº1: Fade-Out Shirts!

Newsletter nº1: Fade-Out Shirts!

In Têxtil de Serzedêlo you can have your western style shirt, without the denim problems...

Texser, your fade-out shirt!